Our Products

The fixtures we have introduced to the world reflect the inner glow we wish people to feel when they look at them. 

The intricate geometry is a representation of the complex yet finite systems that bind us all together. The fixtures are not only meant to light up an interior, but were brought into being with the intention of creating a space. A space for meditation, relaxation and inspiration. 

Made with all natural wood and LED technology, all of our products are hand-crafted in Canada. We are commited to keeping it that way, as we believe in the benefits of supporting those in our own community. Zee Zig Collective is, and always will be, proudly Canadian. 


Our very first model, OVO's egg-like shape signifies the beginning of things. May it's nurturing glow help bring your space to life.


Height:        29 inches

Diameter:  22 inches

Weight:          3 Lbs

OVO 2.0

OVO’s little cousin, OVO 2.0 is identical in form but we added a new design, to give it an identity all its own.

Although smaller in size, OVO 2.0 will nevertheless bring any space to life.


Height:            15 inches

Diameter:      11.5 inches

Weight:            1.5 Lbs