About Us

Zeyad Ansari


“I was well on my way to establishing my career in the legal field but despite that I still felt unfulfilled. 

Then I met Daniil and when he showed me his creations, I knew that was something I needed to be a part of. 

I had never seen anything like it, and knew right away that there were people who would fall in love with our creations as much as I had. Even though I had no background in art or design, I knew the way that these objects mesmerized me was extraordinary.

I am SO excited to be the one to share this with the world!

Daniil Danzig


“I came to Toronto as a toddler in June, 1988. My parents came in search of better opportunities than the ones that were available to us in a crumbling Soviet Union. 

I spent my youth growing up in the incredible melting pot that is Toronto. 

Exposed from a young age to such a vibrant, dynamic culture, I have always had a creative side. Years of travel and curiosity have served only to heighten my awareness of the world around me and the need to express it’s beauty”.